Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friendly Strawberry Surprise

This morning, Anya (the dog) and I were the first ones up.  With a cup of coffee in my hand and Kyra's video monitor clipped to my waistband, we headed out to survey the myriad of weeds growing in my gardens.  We've had a record number of soggy days, and we've  been a bit preoccupied with getting ready for Kyra's spinal surgery, so the gardens haven't been cared for very well this spring. As we set off, I was prepared to embrace the philosophy that all plants are created equal, and a weed is only a plant with non-conformist tendencies.

As I rounded the corner of the garage, with the mantra, "Pigweed is my friend.  Pigweed is my friend" ringing through my head,  I saw the bright red of ripe strawberries dotting my front garden.  Elated, I rushed back into the house as quietly as I could to get a bowl. Then, with Anya and the four cats that survived the winter and the coyotes and the mink and the owls, we gathered my breakfast.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joyful in Hope

Christa, Kyra, Dad
We're not surprised.  We're very grateful, but not surprised that the fundraising benefit hosted by Gilbert Lutheran Church, in Kyra's honor, was so uplifting.

Kyra, grinning and giggling, loved being the center of attention.  Oblivious to the fact that the people surrounding her didn't know each other, she greeted everyone with joyful abandon.
The Wire Frames
People from Gilbert Lutheran Church came to the event in great numbers, as did people from Gilbert Community Schools.
Silent Auction / Bake Sale
People that Kyra knows through social service agencies, horseback riding lessons, Special Olympics, and mom and dad's work came.
Pony rides

People from other churches, no church at all, her sisters' friends, their families, our rural neighborhood, and relatives she hasn't seen for many, many years came, too.
Pulled pork, lemonade, homemade ice cream
The people that came didn't know they were connected in one great circle.  Now they do.  Because that's what Kyra does.

Bouncy house

If you'd like to follow Kyra's journey through her upcoming spinal surgery, go to

Musical Misfits
(Photos by Deb Gray.)