Monday, April 7, 2014

Egg-cellent Timing

It’s springtime, if you go by the calendar date, and not the temperature in central Iowa. Also nearly Eastertime, and chick-and-bunny-time in the local farm supply stores.  So, if you’re considering keeping a few hens of your own, now’s the only time to start.  Or so they say.

Our pullets & row-run roosters.
We’ve kept a few chickens over the years, and know how fresh eggs laid by happy hens are superior in every way to those tiny white things they sell in grocery stores.  In the past, we adopted hens that had been working for a neighboring commercial egg farm, but had lived past their egg-laying prime and were headed toward that great nesting box in the sky (or the stew pot).  We gave them shelter in a well-ventilated henhouse, fresh food and water, and freedom to roam.  In turn, they gave us entertainment, consternation, and the occasional egg.