Saturday, March 14, 2015

All Fall Down

We all fall down.  We might trip over a crack in the sidewalk.  We might miss a step while carrying the laundry to the basement.  We might fall off a curb while walking and texting.  We might act or speak in a manner that slice right into someone’s heart.  We all fall down.  The question is whether we can get back up.  And whether we have a backup plan if we don’t.

I was reminded of the importance of backup plans a few weeks ago.  The weather in Iowa was stubbornly holding on to winter, but Kyra and our backyard birds were thinking it should be Spring.  So, Kyra and I spent the afternoon cutting and gluing and sewing and creating a milk jug bird feeder.  A few hours later, the feeder was host to our first chickadees, juncos, sparrows, and cardinals of the season.