Monday, October 8, 2012

Speak Now

A year or so ago, a friend told us a story about how he was enjoying an evening in his orchard with his 4-year-old grandson.  As night began to fall, he invited the young boy to wish upon the first star he saw.  So, that 4-year-old, offering his first star-guided wish, said, "I wish I knew what Kyra was saying."

The fact that the boy spent his wish on someone else is exceptional.  The fact that he knew, at 4 years of age, that Kyra's inability to speak does not mean she has nothing to say is extraordinary.  The fact that he understood that Kyra is indeed communicating, but we "normal" folks aren't smart enough to understand it, is prophetic.

With the help of an iPad and a communication app, my daughter Kyra is beginning to "speak" in a manner that more people are able to understand.  As more and more people learn about her success, more and more parents and caregivers ask me how she does it.  "What app does she use?"  "Why did you choose that one?"  "How do you set it up?"  "How do you transition from a dedicated communication device to an iPad app?" "Where do I start"?

It seems that among all the medical, behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties families with disabilities face, the ability to communicate strikes closest to our human hearts. Maybe prophets still speak truth.

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